LTM General Contractor, Inc. is a full service Industrial contractor. We strive to give our customers the assurance that no matter what the job requires, LTM can meet the challenge. Our management has over 35 years of engineering and contract management experience, and we have partnered with our clients to handle capital projects as well as plant maintenance and critical shutdowns. Most projects, we self-perform the work, but we also subcontract specialty projects and schedule-driven projects in order to meet our client’s objectives. Our clients know that not only will we follow their job specifications, we will also provide sound engineering advice when needed – we strive to complete your project in the most cost effective manner possible. LTM has been in business since 1998 and we know the importance of providing top-quality craftsmanship. We are proud of our employees. They represent our company well and their professionalism is well received by our clients. The safety of our employees and protection of our client’s property are our #1 priority. Our company is client-oriented as we work to meet schedules and deadlines without jeopardizing safety or quality. Client satisfaction generates repeat business.